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By passageuk, Sep 19 2016 08:52AM

So i's that time again and the designers are out in full force in London.

Its always great to see what they are showing but also interesting to look closely at the garments and see elements of vintage years gone by that they have tweaked and twisted and brought back to life in a new design.

Whether its the trumpet sleeves from the 70's or the shift dress from the 60's vintage clothes will keep on inspiring designers to reinvent the classic designs that we all love.

The designs will always be the main factor to London Fashion Week but my goodness some of these shows and their set design are out of this world.

Ths year's showstopper is in New York is Tommy Hilfiger. He has a fairground theme with the help of a 40ft ferris wheel on South Street, NY.

Thats how you get noticed........

By passageuk, Aug 9 2016 01:26PM

Like all areas of Fashion the vintage world of whats hot and whats not changes rapidy.

One week everyone wants denim, denim 501's, denim jackets, denim shorts, denim, denim, denim then the next week the phone is red hot for sportswear, or 1940's dresses, tweed jackets and so on.

The warehouse at Vintage Wholesale is vast with rails and rails of mens and ladies vintage clothing and we aim to cater for everything you are looking for.

The last couple of week's everyone seems to be after branded sportswear so if thats what you are looking for believe me we have it! The warehouse has branded sportswear in abundance. We stock nike, adidas, champion, puma, fred perry, ellese and lots of other old skool brands from the 70's 80's and 90's.

So whatever it is that you're looking for at the moment we are always here to speak with you to see if we can assist you in your stock search.


By passageuk, Jul 12 2016 09:07AM

So who remembers watching this Wimbledon?

How great does that sportswear look?

We love Vintage Branded Sportswear. Whether its Fred Perry, Adidas, Puma, Nike the list is endless but we stock it all.

So a little bit of FILA history.

FILA was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy. It was setup by the FILA brothers and initially started with textile and knitwear.

In 1942 it expanded and merged with Fratelli Fila and by 1972 it hit sales of over 1 Billion Lire and a workforce of over 250 people.

In 1972 they introduced White Line Fila which took off massively.

Then in 1973 Fila followed Bjorn Borg as he ascended to his pinnacle of sports history. By him winning five consecutive victories at Wimbledon Borg firmly established his legacy as tennis' most dominant and unique player, both in terms of technique and style.

We stock a large selection of Branded sportswear. Remember all our stock is clean, repaired, hung on rails and ready for you to select.

If you would like an appointment to buy from us call Martin on 07815 292027 and we can book you in.

By passageuk, Jun 27 2016 11:50AM

So what an amazingly colourful week we've had (and it was much needed!)

With London LGBT Pride being held you can guarantee happiness, love and some great outfits!! The crowds always know how to dress and wheather you fancy hot pants and sequins or maybe something a little more casual you know everyone will be having a ball.

The same goes for Glastonbury and although the rain came down for them and the fields were muddy it never stops the crowds making sure they are looking good .... wellies and all. The festival wardrobe is one that year in year out remains quite similar. You will always find the cut off Levi shorts, the floral floaty dress, the gillet and not forgetting the cowboy boots (although I think most have replaced them with cool Hunter Welies now).

Vintage Fashion is a wonderful thing. It allows you to express yourself completely.

You are not going to look the same as the next person and you definately won't be wearing the same so you can stand proud and be confident in who you are.

Individuality is a great quality and no one should be afraid to be who they are or dress how they want to.

By passageuk, Jun 10 2016 09:00AM

Whatever the day, month, season, year you can guarantee that Denim of some sort with be right up there in the fashion news.

Currently we have a great selection of Grade A denim jeans, jackets, dungarees, shirts and shorts.

We stock a complete mix of brands, sizes, styles and denim wash colours so you can come along and pick a great selection across the board to suit everyone.

Also with Summer here now, we know lots of you out there like to re work your denim and make your own cut off shorts so we have a selection of Grade B jeans in which are great for playing around with to get that distressed look or cutting off to make cut off shorts - these are a great buy and are flying out.

As always get in touch direct if you have any questions that we can help you with or would like us to put an order together for you.

Warehouse Appointments get booked up weeks in advance so its never too soon to book in.

Enjoy the sunshine guys!

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