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By passageuk, Sep 19 2016 08:52AM

So i's that time again and the designers are out in full force in London.

Its always great to see what they are showing but also interesting to look closely at the garments and see elements of vintage years gone by that they have tweaked and twisted and brought back to life in a new design.

Whether its the trumpet sleeves from the 70's or the shift dress from the 60's vintage clothes will keep on inspiring designers to reinvent the classic designs that we all love.

The designs will always be the main factor to London Fashion Week but my goodness some of these shows and their set design are out of this world.

Ths year's showstopper is in New York is Tommy Hilfiger. He has a fairground theme with the help of a 40ft ferris wheel on South Street, NY.

Thats how you get noticed........

By passageuk, Jun 10 2016 09:00AM

Whatever the day, month, season, year you can guarantee that Denim of some sort with be right up there in the fashion news.

Currently we have a great selection of Grade A denim jeans, jackets, dungarees, shirts and shorts.

We stock a complete mix of brands, sizes, styles and denim wash colours so you can come along and pick a great selection across the board to suit everyone.

Also with Summer here now, we know lots of you out there like to re work your denim and make your own cut off shorts so we have a selection of Grade B jeans in which are great for playing around with to get that distressed look or cutting off to make cut off shorts - these are a great buy and are flying out.

As always get in touch direct if you have any questions that we can help you with or would like us to put an order together for you.

Warehouse Appointments get booked up weeks in advance so its never too soon to book in.

Enjoy the sunshine guys!

By passageuk, May 27 2016 10:00AM

So many of you will have already been to our warehouse and experienced how we work, our stock and the set up but I thought i would use this blog to tell those of you who haven't been yet a little more about us.

We have been in this business for quite some years now and from Day 1 our mission was always to stock nothing other than Great Quality Grade A clothing for men and women.

We handpick all of our stock and check everything over, never have we ever or will we ever buy bales of rubbish clothing that nobody wants. Once we have handpicked out stock it is checked over again, any repairs done, washed, steamed and then hung on rails for you to go through.

Over the years we have had some really lovely feedback from clients visiting us saying how lovely it is to go to a warehouse that doesn't smell and that stock is hung on rails for you to go through easily instead of rumaging through big bins. There is of course room for both kinds of wholesaling in the industry but we much prefer our way.

Anyway thats enough for now, remember you can always call us for a chat to see if we are right for your business and client base, we're always happy to chat :-)

By passageuk, May 23 2016 09:37AM

So with that in mind we are re merchandising the warehouse and bringing in more of all those lovely 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's summer dresses and jackets for the ladies and not forgetting the guys we have some great sportswear coming to our rails.

dont forget to like our facebook page as we update it with new stock pictures on a more frequent basis so you can see exactly whats coming pictures going on today!

Have a great week, the sun is shining :-)

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